The 10 Best Travel Programs for Remote Workers

If you are unsure of what is feasible, talk to your boss and come up with a plan. If you are already working remotely in your home country, you are in a much better position to negotiate terms. Besides practical issues such as travel costs and ensuring stable and reliable internet, there are also various legal, tax, and technical implications to working remotely abroad. If you don’t work for yourself, the biggest and earliest hurdle is the dreaded approval from your employer. Your boss (and/or your clients) need to be on board with the idea. The opportunities for combining travel and work have never been so clear.

  • Your boss (and/or your clients) need to be on board with the idea.
  • This way, you can keep your focus high and maintain your productivity levels.
  • Similarly, it’s wise to choose a hotel that makes printers and scanners available to guests.
  • Finally, slow travel can help reduce overtourism, the phenomenon of destinations being overwhelmed with visitors.
  • Remote Year offers four-month and 12-month itineraries that let participants travel to different cities and countries each month of the program.
  • Booking through Behere requires a minimum of a 30-day stay at accommodations listed on its platform, which are always private, and its co-working spaces and fitness studio memberships are premium, too.

This project closely aligns with our Vision Zero plan to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets, and supports the recommendations from our 2023 Vision Zero Top-To-Bottom review. Use these tips to conduct reviews that feel comfortable and natural to you and your employees. It’s still important to have an HR director for hiring and administrative processes—here’s why.

Remote Year Unveils Revolutionary New Membership Community & Programs for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads

Sometimes you’ll still have commitments with companies and people in different time zones, meaning that you may have to be awake at ungodly hours for Skype meetings and conference calls. You could be working and travelling shortly after reading this post! Some of the jobs will take a while to become profitable, but most of these could be earning you money on the road today. Prices start at around $2022 for one week, and from around $2,379 for month-long retreats. Prices include curated local experiences and space and resources to work. Prices range from $2,000 per month (Thailand) to $2,600 (Lisbon) with a 10% discount on this for each additional month stayed.

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Employers often have location-based requirements to maintain employment eligibility, which are discussed in greater detail below. It’s also a good idea to start in countries that are “easier” than others. Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and Portugal have all been welcoming digital nomads and remote workers for years.

Months Around The World

Alternatively, you can obtain local health insurance within 30 days of arriving. The Global Citizen Concierge program of the Cayman Islands lets people live and work on the three islands for up to two years. During those two years, you can travel in and out as often as you want. However, you must stay in the Cayman Islands for a total of 90 days during every 12-month period. Students who attend online school can also enroll in the Residential Certificate program.

  • For tour operators, it has leveled the playing field so to speak as more and more people are specifically seeking out locally-run and unique activities, tours, and experiences.
  • If there are legitimate reasons why you cannot be fully productive at your office or workspace, tell your boss honestly and request a change.
  • Instead, research all of your options in advance to ensure you can find a workable solution.
  • Wheeler and her husband are entrepreneurs with the flexibility to work remotely.
  • Just to be sure, I recommend also having a local cellular data plan as a backup.

It also includes exclusive deals on hotels, villas, condos, dining, entertainment, and more. If you’d like to travel and work but prefer to do it at your own pace, Selina is right for you! It’s a platform where you can find separate lodging, co-working spaces, and activities to book all around the world.


Some companies prohibit using public WiFi or have special rules for handling confidential information outside the office. Make sure you’re aware of any such policies so you won’t needlessly get into trouble. Just to be sure, I recommend also having a local cellular data plan as a backup. Research the best data plans in your destination and make sure you know how to set up a hotspot so you can switch to mobile in a pinch. This is a bit technical to set up, but luckily there are services that will do it for you. I wrote about my experiences using KeepYourHomeIP here, which provides you with two small routers and a remote support session to set up a private VPN.

Request feedback from fellow expats who have already made the transition to work remotely in your chosen destination is another good way to verify reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. However, extended stays can alter remote work blog their tax status, either causing them to become a resident in a new country or lose their residency in their home country. If a professional ends up a resident in two countries, they’ll owe taxes in both.

Even though housesitting is done for free, in a legal sense it still counts as work (it’s ‘paid’ with free accommodation). If there is no way around it, perhaps it’s time to look for a fully remote job. Use sites such as RemoteOK, We Work Remotely, Working Nomads, and Remotive to find the perfect remote job for you. So let’s look at how to make the nomad lifestyle best work for you — whether you’re planning a short remote work trip or dreaming of going around the world with a laptop under your arm.